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Luetta Relfbine by Incross Luetta Relfbine by Incross
For the ossumazing group :icontrinity-worlds:
Thanks for inviting me, Rii Q7Q,, hohoho

NAME: Luetta Relfbine
AGE: 21 y.o. when she first entered Altera
HEIGHT: 5.51 ft.
WEIGHT: 136.6 lbs
GENDER: Female

Luetta was a German from the early 19th century. She worked as a trapeze artist for a certain circus for years. She had been an orphan since she was 10, and used to live like a stray dog with her little brother, before she was accepted as a member as well as a family by a man who owned a circus. After years of training, she finally could do a beautiful and breath-taking acrobats involving trapeze. And on, she went along with that group from one town to another, usually stayed in one for a month before touring to another town.
She took the member of the tour as her own family, and so did they to her and her little brother.

It was nighttime when Luetta's brother asked her the umpteenth time to let him join the circus as a player. She had never let him do so, for she knew, and so everyone else did, that his body was fragile. He could not even lift a water-filled bucket with his two hands, despite the fact that he was nearly 14 years old. Moreover, her brother asked her for him not to join the club they had been staying with, but with another circus group (apparently there was another attraction club touring that town). He told her how he was offered a place in that club; the owner said he had a potential of becoming an excellent entertainer if he was trained enough.

However, that night she couldn't turn his request down like usual. The boy got very upset about the fact that everyone seemed to spoil him, despite the truth that he was also aware about his condition. The chat then became a fight, and it ended as the boy walked out of Luetta's dressing tent, enraged.
During the night, she kept on thinking about the boy's request; retrospecting herself that maybe she had been too protective to her brother. And so, though still weary at heart, the very next morning, she allowed her brother to try 'working' at that attraction club she herself had never stepped into. Days passed, her brother looked terribly happy about his later new and first job ever, though he never tell her clearly what he exactly did for the club. Though he seemed rather beat whenever he got back at night, his smile gleamed. Luetta, happy to think that she had made a good decision, became more spirited doing her work.

However, one night, approximately 5 days after her brother started going to that attraction club, he didn't come back. Luetta and some other members went to town to look for him. The attraction club owner, who offered her brother a job, told them that the boy came home even early because he wasn't feeling well. The group then kept on searching throughout the town, but they still couldn't find him. Over and over again, days fleet by since his disappearing, that the day when Luetta's group had to move to another town came, he was still nowhere to be found. At that time, Luetta was already exhausted; she had used every time possible in her hands to look for her brother. By day she would be lurking throughout the town and nearby villages, near midnight she'd came back and spent hours crying or just waking up in her sleep.

That day, though very weary, the group let her stay in the town, while they moved onto the next town. They gave her the most amount of money she had ever have and left. After they left, Luetta re-searched again for her brother, gaining vague informations one after another, moving from one town to villages and towns, restless every night and day, that some time, before she knew it, she had nothing else with her except those she wore. She started begging people for food, and slept anywhere possible. She was a beggar.

As if to remind her about her past life, she came across a circus tent which toured to the town she was in. It was past midnight, so the lamps were off and no one was in sight, so she walked into the field and looked around, barely staggering on her feet. It was then that she heard something. Something very strange and eerie; a sound she had never heard before. Drawn by curiosity, she stepped closer to the sound, and as she got closer to a tent which seemed to be the source, she could smell a horrible scent---it was as if something had been left rotting inside. Though feeling terrified, her feet didn't stop. Then she braced herself and peeked into the dark tent.
There she saw cages. With some things inside.
The scent was too much for her that she almost lost her stand. It was then that a pair of eyes met hers; a pair of those within one of the cages. It was her brother, but nearly nothing was the same in him except for the yearning look he always had. His body was deformed; he then had a pair of antlers and his face was… different. His legs, his limbs, everything had been changed, with stitches and traces of blood apparent on his skin.
Luetta couldn't hold her tears and cried as hard as she could. Her brother let out of weird cries, with voice and words she couldn't recognize anymore, reaching out to her from his cage, crying. The siblings' cry woke up the other residents, and the tent was quickly full of strange cries and screams. Just when she was about to run out and get rid of whoever caused all of it, someone hit her hard on her head, and she lost consciousness. The next morning when she wakes up somewhere else, the circus had already moved.

An old couple who took pity of her, took care of her, and to them she told her story. Upon believing her story, they decided to help her by spreading the word. And they did convince so many people. Her story went across the town, to places faraway. Meanwhile, the old couple offered her a place in their house, saying that she should take a rest from her long journey and let people took care of the matter. She had accepted the offer.
After some months, news came that the circus club's owner who held captive of her brother had been executed in place for resisting, together with his entire circus. All of them had been burnt to nothing.
She was about to burn herself, the same night when the news came, when a girl appeared in front of her, stopping her from her suicide. "I can give you a second chance," was what the girl said. "You can help your brother if you agree to help me. We can revive him."
It was how Luetta joined forces with the girl, named Oridea, and learned about the essential things she had to know about the strange new world around her. Back then she was almost mad; she was too determined in getting back her brother and did things hastily. She stayed very long in the dimension and spent a long time trying to control her Anima which never seemed to listen to her. In fact, she spent too much time there. Even though she had been warned a lot of the consequences, she still stayed longer than the others, since she wanted to rescue her brother as soon as possible. Words just didn't seem to get through her head.
Then it all came to her. She could no longer go back to her world; her body and time had been altered too much that it didn't fit the dimension of her world anymore.

Took a long time for her to finally recover from her regret. While still not forgiving herself till this day for her foolishness, she decided to continue helping Oridea with her mission, and to live in guilt rather than to die, for she thinks it served a sinner like her better. 'Regained' her smile after some time, and built up her confidence back later.
Until now, she is still active within the dimension.

❖ HARD WORKER ~ Likes to put efforts in everything that she does in order to reach a goal.
❖ EASY GOING ~ She blends in easily within the crowd and doesn't seem to have difficulties in finding topics to talk about. Accepts every kind of people; does not mind what others might have said about them.
❖ HELPFUL ~ She is very willing to help anyone in need, to the point of being a hypocrite. Often gives kind and supporting words or advices to others, while she herself might not be able to do the same.
❖ PATIENT ~ Nothing really gets on her nerves. She'd only be upset for a while when someone does something bad to her, but after a while she'd be back to her normal mood. Forgives people easily and never holds grudge over anything.

❖ Has quick feet and hands, enabling her to do various and multiple attacks at one time.
❖ High stamina and flexibility, allowing her to reach places people usually can't and do things in a quite long period of time.

❖ Her concentration drop drastically when she's put into a crisis.
❖ Doesn't know her limit. She pushes herself onto doing various things because she wants to be useful in every situation. This sometimes leads to people getting upset at her 'I-can-help-you' attitude, or simply her becoming exhausted from her activities.
❖ Takes relatively heavy damages when she's unable to dodge attacks.

ANIMA: Mummr
- First Stage: Mummr in this state was nearly helpless as its attacks makes little damages. It does attacks from the air by shooting metal darts from its tail. When in close-range combat, which it avoids, it whips its dart tail, making deep wounds to the enemy.

- First Stage: Double katana. Could also be used as a stick. Total length is 1.3 m. Neutral.

❖ Luetta is a type of busy-body person; she frets when nothing gets her doing anything. Will be fidgety and tends to walk around aimlessly within this condition.
❖ Her right eye was lost during a fight with a malum during her early days being in Altera.
❖ Secretly admires frilly dresses and gowns.
❖ Has a soft spot for children; tends to be over protective when meet ones, to the point of baby-sitting them all day as long as she can.
❖ Avoids conversation involving her past. Will still shed tears if forced to tell any part of it.

Luetta Relfbine © :iconincross:
hurrr ;;; This was drawn a long time ago ;u; Consistencies, what are youuuu ;;;
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